The Lime App Gets Friendly – adds Rival, Wheels to the Platform

Already the largest provider of shared micromobility services worldwide, Lime has decided there is more room on the App. 

Known for their own ubiquitous iconic green scooters, and fresh off the purchase of Uber’s bright red Jump e-bikes, Lime has developed a strong fleet serviced by its own app.  Why add another brand?

Goals beyond competition.

Lime’s stated mission is to provide a sustainable solution to the first and last mile transportation problem by helping people move around their cities in ways that are both affordable and lowering the carbon footprint. The app is the best platform for that purpose.

With no appetite for an acquisition’s sticky details, Lime simply partnered with Wheels as a unique competitor to broaden the range of services provided by their digital platform.  Perhaps the tech is just as important as the fleet.

Compare and Contrast

Above all, Lime recognized that not all micromobility users seek the same experience.  By adding Wheels brand electric bikes with its unique modular design, including pedal-less and helmet-sharing features, is well conceived for both safety and accessibility – the app is responding to the ever-increasing demand for more ways to travel short distances in a shared, electric and affordable manner.  

Beginning in the winter of 2021, certain cities will be able to rent Wheels-branded electric bikes, as well as Lime’s own devices, on the Lime app.  Austin, Berlin, Seattle and Miami customers will be the first to benefit from the additional option.  Wheels-only customers can still rent their Wheels on its own app as well.

The More Micromobility, the Better

Seeking to be the one-stop-shop in micromobility, the MaaS leader has no plans to stop there. According to Lime CEO Wayne Ting, “in the near future, Lime will be the one-stop-shop for anyone looking to take a car-free trip under five miles.” 

To that end, they will be looking to partner with other unique brands to add to the platform.  The hunt is on for value-added devices or services that share their mission to meet the growing demand for alternative modes of urban transportation.

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