Multimodal Urban Transport – The Next Frontier

We have heard before that an astonishing 70% of all trips are made in a personal vehicle.

The status quo – especially in urban areas – is unsustainable and must change.

Although public transit is an attractive option, the first and last mile problems have persisted. Other modes of transport have traditionally struggled to compete with the convenience and privacy of the car.

However, this kind of reliance on the car poses a serious threat to the environment as well as quality of life for those living in urban communities.

With the explosion of populations in urban areas, more people are seeking alternative transportation methods.

Where are We Headed?

Today’s consumer has become accustomed to the concept of the sharing economy. This is good news for multimodal urban transport, which is the way of the future.

As on-demand driverless vehicles and smart mobility become as widely accepted as the carsharing and ride-sharing model, we will progress toward a more seamless system of public transport where cars are just one element.

Getting to work could look different each day depending upon your needs for that particular day. You might use a shared electric scooter to get to the train station one day. On the way home, you might find yourself renting a bike to get from the train station to your house or apartment.

We are likely to see cities redesign streets to accommodate such a multimodal system. Parking spaces for cars will be replaced to support micro mobility with lanes for bikes and scooters.

Mobility as a Service

For the multimodal system to work, smart transportation software is critical in enabling commuters to map out their routes and schedules, compare costs and make payments.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) opens up possibilities for moving people as well as goods. By offering customised transportation options that are available on-demand, MaaS is positioned to become the next frontier in travel.

With some smart transportation platforms already available, multimodal urban transportation is closer than you think.

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