Mercedes-Benz Unveils its First E-Scooter – Seeking Market Share in Micromobility Space

Long dominant in the luxury vehicle domain, Mercedes-Benz now joins the sustainable, micro-mobility market with this new member to its fully electric EQ family.

Preceded by the EQV People Mover and the EQC compact luxury Sports Utility Vehicle, the new Mercedes-Benz eScooter brings that same level of innovation and ingenuity to the smaller scale, despite the rather bland name. 

The emission-free, full suspension, 500W, short-distance transportation vehicle was designed with longevity in mind.  Developed in collaboration with Swiss specialist Micro Mobility Systems AG – also tapped by BMW to aid their e-scooter project – the Mercedes-Benz eScooter utilizes high-quality components and materials to ensure up to 5,000 kilometres (3000 miles) of use.

Adding to its projected durability is the eScooter’s practical low weight and intuitive collapsible and foldable mechanism, necessary conveniences for the target market of last mile riders and their short rides from car or public transport to endpoint.

Product Features

Powered by a 500W motor hub in the front wheel, the ride is smooth thanks to suspension in both (larger-than-most) wheels, able to reach top speed of 20 kph (12 mph)

Battery power of 7.8 Ah (280Wh) supports a range of 25 km (15.5 miles). Recharging in a standard, domestic electrical socket, the eScooter can reach a full-power share in just under 4 hours, while a 70% charge can be achieved in a mere two hours.

The eScooter comes equipped with a rear drum brake, as well as an easily reachable foot brake on the protective plate. Lighting––both front and rear––is well suited for use in all types of road traffic, including prominent side reflectors to enhance visibility after dark.

eScooter features an intuitive folding mechanism that is activated by the touch of a button. Overall weight at 13.5kg (29.7 lbs) is manageable for most riders to stow the folded scooter.

True to Mercedes aesthetics, the sleek black design does not disappoint, including iconic Mercedes-Benz logo, co-branded with Micro Mobility, on the steering column.  This one stands out in the sea of similar transportation models.

Practical design and latest technology rule the user experience.  The steering column is retractable and smoothly adjusts to the rider’s height. The ergonomically sound handlebar includes a rapid accelerator on the right and brake on the left, as well as a fully integrated bell for safety. The centrally-mounted display screen demonstrates key factors while in motion, including posted speed, battery level, and mode of riding––all at a glance.

In the future, Mercedes-Benz plans to offer a boot docking station in its vehicles, which will enable charging during the journey. But for now, the eScooter connects to the comprehensive and user-friendly Micro mobile app, for convenient route information, and also links via Bluetooth® to various models of smartphones which can be attached to a bracket on the handlebar, assuming local regulations allow such use.

The Mercedes-Benz eScooter is currently approved for riding on public roads in Germany. The scooter meets all the necessary requirements, such as license plate bracket, identification plate, and ABE [German general operating license] –– the only element required of owners to acquire before purchase is statutory liability insurance (or the equivalent, based on jurisdiction).

Production and Distribution Pending

Currently, there are no immediate details regarding the availability of the Mercedes-Benz eScooter or the estimated retail price. Given the loyalty of Mercedes-Benz fans and the highly competitive LEV space worldwide, the launch information cannot come soon enough.

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