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The Rising Star Awards exists to recognise companies in the area of Mobility and Smart Cities that are doing great things and moving the world forwards. Vote for Your Winners now and join us online for free on Nov 12th-13th 2020 for an interactive, fully remote event experience for Global Thought Leaders in International Mobility and Smart Cities

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Micro Mobility


World’s first universal infrastructure for micromobility that you can dock, lock & charge any type of micrommobility vehicle in one spot with its internationally patented technology since 2018

Damon is making motorcycles safer and smarter to unleash the full potential of personal mobility for the world’s commuters.


Lattis is a mobility start-up founded by entrepreneurs with a proven track record. We have passion for building products that change the way people move.


The evolution of Bolt Bikes. Zoomo is the world’s leader for utility ebikes and built on the experience of thousands of couriers around the world.

Started in 2018, KUHMUTE is the universal charging infrastructure for Micromobility that parks and charges escooters, ebikes, wheelchairs, cargo bikes and delivery robots.
Founded in 2019 by Charlie Gleeson, Zipp is a dockless scooter sharing company launching in the UK and Ireland in 2020.

Smart Cities


The analytics and annotation platform used to ensure the performance of autonomous vehicle perception systems


Bitsensing endeavors to develop highest standard of radar technology for our everyday life and solve safety inequality issue regardless the wealth.

OPA Technologies

OPA Technologies, leader in the geospatial management of road obstructions, closures and traffic detours.


RoadBotics empowers governments and communities to make objective, data-driven decisions about their public infrastructure assets. 


Sadeem provides smart city solutions worldwide, saving lives and resources in real-time. 


Zeleros designs and develops new technologies for sustainable and efficient transportation.


NoTraffic is the World’s First Autonomous Traffic Management Platform – Solving traffic challenges, while unlocking mobility benefits for cities.


WayCare optimizes traffic management systems leveraging predictive analytics, and enables two way vehicle to city communication.


Bluedot is an Airbnb of charging station for electric car users. It’s developing software services that connect different electric car charging industry stakeholders to EV-chargers to share monitor easily


BLU Smart Mobility

Blu Smart Mobility is smart mobility platform for All-electric, shared, ride sharing, car-sharing, and scooter-sharing


Iomob’s platform is globally plug and play to any app or vehicle and integrates a wide range of mobility services, including micromobility, shared mobility, and taxis.


LULA is here to harness the growth of Africa by providing shared infrastructure through our platform to enable sustainable, convenient, and affordable.

Panta Transportation

We are the innovative leaders disrupting the transport industry, SaaS, and MaaS markets in the Philippines.

Riders Share

Riders Share is the first and largest peer-to-peer motorcycle rental community in the United States, connecting riders to motorcycle owners everyday.


Ubiq is shaping the future of urban mobility by enabling mobility services to become profitable and sustainable. 


Skipr brings smart mobility to employees, supporting organisations in a smooth transition to sustainable mobility.


Gridwise is a mobile platform for on-demand drivers that improves their earnings and experience around driving.


Moovby is the peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace that allows travellers to rent a car from local car owners.

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