CAR2GO Ready to Rule the Madrid Market

GoTo Global and Ototel recently made a major announcement – the launch of a new project in Madrid that aims to strengthen GoTo Global’s Car2Go’s presence in Spain.

The company, which is already pretty big in Israel and Malta, intends to widen its market with this “multimodal” project. This new project brings together several cooperative transportation services under one roof.

What Does the New System Offer?

This new plan will allow GoTo subscribers to get access to a variety of transportation services, such as bicycles, car scooters, and motorcycles using a single app.

The company is starting the project in several phases:

Phase I: Marketed as a ‘soft launch’, this phase introduces the ‘round trip model’ with 130 shared vehicles. This can be defined as picking and dropping cars from the same point.

Phase II: The company intends to introduce hundreds of e-vehicles at this stage. This step offers the advantage of having the option to park these vehicles anywhere in the city as the city fully supports e-vehicles including e- motorcycles and micro-mobility tools like e-bicycles.

More About GoTo Global

Established under the banner of CAR2GO in 2008, GoTo Global started as a company offering “round trip” solutions, and later introduced more products and services, including micro-mobility services like shared motorcycles and bicycles.

Earlier this year, GoTo Global successfully completed a round of recruitment. It attracted big names including Adam Neumann.

The company, which has a strong presence in Israel, recorded a turnover of more than $13 million in 2019 thanks to over 1.3 million trips. It employs more than 160 people and uses the Pay as You Go system.

Spain appears to be GoTo Global’s latest target as the company intends to attract the European market.

What They Have to Say

“The alternative transportation market is booming unprecedentedly, especially since the outbreak of corona which has significantly increased the potential for worldwide activity, given the fear of mobility in public transport and the trend of giving up private car use,” said Gil Laser, CEO GoTo Global.

“The potential for activity in Spain in general and Madrid in particular, which is considered an advanced city in terms of shared transportation solutions, is great as the government encourages the use of shared transportation and allocates infrastructure accordingly and residents are accustomed to consuming smart transportation,” he added.

Shirley Klush, GoTo Global’s VP of Global Business Development, said:

“GoTo Global is expected to bring Spaniards, in a big way, through an innovative solution that allows for the first time intelligent and efficient consumption of a variety of mobility solutions, under one application while fully tailoring to user needs.”


This is a big move as micro-mobility is on the rise in Spain and many big and small companies appear to be targeting it. Wible, Emov, and Zity are some other names struggling to make a mark in Madrid.

“Madrid is becoming one of the cities at the international level with more presence and with more identity when defining what is shared and sustainable mobility,” said Wible’s CEO Carlos Blanco while talking about the success of the company in Madrid.

Amidst so much competition, the battle can be fierce for Car2Go.

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